Traveling is one of the greatest experiences in life. But except for a few special circumstances, it is impossible to travel to another country without spending any money. The following list contains five important purchases and how to decide whether or not to make them. 1. GROCERIES A lot of the decisions you will make during your journey will depend on how long you believe you will stay. And no other item on this list is as influenced by time as groceries. Most adults will have had food items go bad on them sometime in their past. However, groceries are a great way to cut down on expenses. They generally cost less than having takeout for every meal, and are often healthier too. A little consideration of your travel terms should help you decide if groceries are the way for you. 2. APPROPRIATE CLOTHING Clothes are an agreed upon staple of society. However, appropriate clothing will vary from place to place. This will depend on climate, occasion, fashion trends, and your personal preference. For instance, jackets, sweaters, and thicker clothing are clearly required for places with colder climates. While clothes such as tank tops and shorts are inappropriate and unsafe outdoors. 3. AN APARTMENT We all need a place to live, even if its temporary. You should always find and choose one before you actually travel. However, deciding between a hotel or similarly temporary lodging, and an apartment is important. Each has its advantages, but ultimately your decider should be cost. A hotel costs less and is better for a shorter stay. But an apartment is more economical for a longer stay. This might seem expensive, but it is often not. With the right agent, it is not difficult to find a furnished 2-bedroom apartment at a bargain price. 4. A CALL/DATA PLAN Some would argue that in this new world, our phone are our most vital devices. But a majority of a phone’s utility is negated without call or internet access. International call and data charges are usually quite costly. A local call/data plan is advisable for travels that last over a week. However, the actual plan you subscribe to should be determined by your personal requirements and the duration of your stay. 5. A CAR Your mode of transportation is another important consideration you will have in another country. However, is a car really the answer? The answer will depend on a number of factors. These include your planned activities, duration of stay, and ability to drive and navigate. Additionally, you will need to consider the legitimacy of your driver’s license and possible need to get another. The state and safety of public transportation should be the final factor in your decision. Rather than full purchase, leasing a car might be your best bet. Financial considerations are an important part of all travel plans. However, they should not intimidate you or discourage you. As long as you’re willing to plan ahead, your travels are guaranteed to go smoothly.

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